Translatica 7 Office Comfort Multilingual for Windows 10


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Translatica 7 Office Comfort is the latest edition of the translator, developed based on user feedback of previous editions. Computer translator of English, German and Russian has been adapted to the current technical capabilities of computers and parsing system used in the translator makes Translatica 7 offers the highest quality of translation. The program translates Translatica 7 Office Comfort for English, German and Russian has the most extensive database of all Polish dictionary translation tools: built-in dictionary of English, German and Russian - inflected available (18 million for English, 19 million for German, 15 million for Russian), the number of available codes (3000000 for English, 1.5 million for German, 850,000 for the Russian language, vocabulary based on the Great Dictionaries PWN). With full integration with office suites, Translatica 7 Office Comfort is an indispensable tool for supporting the work, allowing for quick and easy translation: MS Office documents and OpenOffice, email communication in an electronic mail (e-mail), such as: MS Outlook, Outlook Express Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox. Office Holiday Edition is a completely new model in a series of programs Translatica. The program in this version offers a completely new level of ergonomics, convenience and functionality, in particular through: translate PDF documents translated "on the fly" in the Quick Reference translator, and translation of "drag and drop" in the Folder translation. File formats supported by Folder Translations: PDF documents (the result of the translation: DOC), MS Word documents - DOC, DOCX, RTF, Excel documents - XLS, XLSX, documents, MS PowerPoint - PPT, PPTX, text (TXT), HTML files , XML. The quality of the solutions used in the Translatica 7 Office Comfort has been recognized by the European Union. Company sp o.o. Polish is the only participant in a project aimed at allowing automatic translation of all languages ​​of the European Union. Minimum hardware requirements: 1.0 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 1.5 GB of free space on HDD, CD-ROM drive. The trial version runs for 14 days.